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10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling at My Kids

Simply awesome article  in the huffington post about the Orange Rhino and the story of this mom of 4 boys who made a commitment to stop yelling at her kids for 365 days !

Start reading below and then click HERE for the full article

10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling at My Kids

Mom to 4 young boys, former yeller, blogger at

Orange Rhino

January 20, 2012. I will never forget that date. Thinking I was home alone with my four boys, then ages 5 and under, my handyman caught me in a full on, red in the face, body shaking, throat throbbing scream so bad that all my boys burst into tears. I was mortified. Mortified! And so sad; this was not the mom I had ever dreamed I would be! The next day I decided enough was enough and I promised my boys I would go 365 days straight without yelling. Soon thereafter I discovered that rhinos are calm animals that charge when provoked; I was so a rhino (I even have lots of stretch marks and saggy body parts to prove it.) I just charged with my words instead of a horn. I quickly started calling myself The Orange Rhino as a reminder to no longer yell, but instead to be calm like a rhino and warm like the color orange.

I proudly share that I am officially an Orange Rhino! I haven’t charged with my words in over 400 days thanks to many things I learned this past year. Here are the top 10 things that I learned but trust me, there are many many more!

1. Yelling isn’t the only thing I haven’t done in over a year.

I also haven’t gone to bed with a gut-wrenching pit in my stomach because I felt like the worst mom ever. I haven’t bawled to my husband that I yelled again and again. And I haven’t heard my sons scream, “You’re the meanest, worstest, mommy in the whole world, I don’t love you anymore!”

2. My kids are my most important audience.

When I had my “no more yelling epiphany,” I realized that I don’t yell in the presence of others because I want them to believe I am a loving and patient mom. The truth is, I already was that way… but rarely when I was alone, just always when I was in public with an audience to judge me. This is so backwards! I always have an audience — my four boys are always watching me and THEY are the audience that matters most; they are the ones I want to show just how loving, patient and “yell-free” I can be. I want my boys to judge me and proclaim, “My mommy is the bestest mommy ever!” I remember this whenever I am home and thinking I can’t keep it together; obviously I can… I do it out and about all the time!





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People with no kids don’t know

It’s better to laugh about it than cry…. right ?

A must see. SOOO funny



This is probably why my latest ( FRENCH)  book ” I stop complaining about my kids { and my spouse}” is doing so well!

I Stop Complaining! with Saskia Roell on Transformation Talk Radio – Breakthrough Miracles!

I had the great honor to be a guest twice on Saskia Roell ‘s Transformation Talk Radio show  Breakthrough Miracles!  I deeply Thank her for being such a great “I Stop Complaining!” supporter!  You can find all the replay of the shows  here and  take a listen of the latest conversation with Saskia by clicking  here!  I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Saskia as we  talked about so many things and especially about all the miracles that took place after “I Stopped Complaining!” in my own life!

Saskia Roell

Host Profile: Saskia Roell – Breakthrough Miracles Radio can be found on Transformation Talk every Wednesday at 6am Pacific / 9am Eastern !

What happens when you live a Soul-guided life? You say goodbye to your old, small self and say hello to your Soul. You breakthrough to a life that’s filled with miracles, abundance, adventure, and happiness. You have a Soul’s path that’s been calling you forever, but you may not know how to get there.

As a Soul Purpose Expert, radio host, bestselling author, co-author with Jack Canfield, Stephan Covey and Deepak Chopra, international speaker, clairvoyant healer and mother of five, Saskia successfully cracks to code to open the lives of her clients to bring their Soul purpose alive.


Christine Lewicki
Christine Lewicki is the Author of “J’arrête de Râler” (AKA I stop complaining) a French Bestseller, more than 80 000 copy sold, already translated in Spanish, Italian, Japanese and soon Chinese. (she is currently seeking a publisher in the US). Her book has been ranked number 2 after “The Secret” in the self-help section for many months in France.She is also an inspired and inspiring speaker, blogger and nomade Entrepreneur. She has clients in the US, Canada and Europe. Her work has received many accolades from the media, her clients and peers.Christine has been featured on the first page of and the huffington post as well as on numerous national magazines, including Le Figaro, Elle and Marie-Claire in France. She also appeared several times on National Television and radio shows.In addition she is a wife and the mother of three beautiful young children. She lives in sunny Los Angeles California. Her life is busy and rich.

How to Gain Your Child’s Cooperation Without Yelling

Just stumbled upon this great blog article from  by Marcia Hall which speaks my language as a parent “How to Gain Your Child’s Cooperation without yelling!” It can be done! Here’s a courtesy repost and some great tips! ( click on link or on image to read source article and for other great parenting tips! )

GoNanies Blog article

When you get frustrated at your child because she’s not listening to you or doing what she’s supposed to do, it’s easy to lose your cool and start yelling. However, yelling can have adverse effects on your child, including her starting to fear you. There are other ways to get your child to cooperate without raising your voice.

Always Back It Up

When you lay down an edict without backing it up with some kind of consequences for choosing not to listen, there will be no reason for your child to stop. It doesn’t have to be anything terrible, but your kids need to know that you mean what you say the first time you say it. If you say “stop” and then ignore them until the next time you look up from what you’re doing, your child will perceive that you did not really mean it and that he still has some wiggle room before getting into serious trouble. So, before it escalates to yelling at your child for defying you, try speaking firmly, looking him in the eye and laying down the law.

Instead of demanding that he stop his behavior several times before you make a move, back it up as soon as they don’t listen. This will teach them that they should pay attention to you the first time you speak instead of waiting around until they know you’re about to snap. In time, the habits of your child will change to reflect this new way you speak to him. He will start to listen right away and stop trying to push your buttons when he realizes he can’t let it get that far out of control anymore.

Don’t Wait for Them

Repeating yourself will not help your children understand that they need to be listening to you. Just like a broken record, eventually you tune it out because it’s just the same thing over and over again. Expect the same behavior from your kids.

Don’t wait for your children to “catch on.” They may be too young to understand that their behavior is not acceptable by simply hearing you ask them to stop time and again. If it is something like cleaning up after themselves, don’t ask them several time before giving up and completing the task yourself. It may take a little longer, but make sure they understand they have to do it right away. First, state what you want them to do, then say why, then repeat what you want them to do and emphasize it needs to be done now. Now, here’s the tough part: watch them do it. Eventually you won’t have to do that last part, but until they catch on that you mean what you say when you say it, you’ll have to make sure they do it.

Clarity is Best

Do you do something if someone asks you if you’d like to, even though you really don’t? Your kids won’t choose to either. Keep the questions short, sweet and clear. Tell them exactly what they need to do, not what you would like them to do or what they should do. For example, don’t say, “It would really be nice if you would help your father set the table for dinner.” Instead say, “Please set the table. Dinner is almost ready.” The reason behind your request is clear and the request itself is clear as well.

Reward Work with Play

Getting your kids to cooperate can be as simple as telling them they can do something they really enjoy when they are finished with the chore. Gift your child with a few extra minutes of playtime after an unpleasant task is completed. It’s very important to make sure your children understand that the fun comes second and the work comes first. They need to realize that the thing they want to do can only happen when they listen to you and get the chore done.

Take a Deep Breath

Keeping calm is key. When your children are not listening to you and you are starting to get frustrated, it’s easy to just lose it. If you feel yourself getting to the point of yelling, just stop, take a deep breath and start over. No one likes to be yelled at and your kids are no exception. So, above all else, keep your cool. It’s not always easy to keep a grip on your temper, but the payoff for managing the task is a yelling-free, peaceful household.

Source of article:  by Marcia Hall

Interview I stop Complaining {and Bitching}

On Wednesday February 26th I had the pleasure to be interviewed by  Saskia Roell on the Transformation Talk Radio

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 5.26.33 PM


We talked about:

  • Where this idea of doing a 21 day challenge to stop complaining came from ( my haha moment)
  • Why having negative thoughts in your head is not considered complaining ?
  • What is complaining ? listen to my 3 criteria to define a complaint
  • What is the number one thing you need to change in your day if you want to transform your life and why?
  • What do you do when you wake up and complaining is not an option anymore ?

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 5.24.27 PM

Stop bitching and complaining !

Last December I  met with Lilou Mace and we had a great conversation about my book ” I stop complaining”.

Here is the video !





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